Non fare l’errore di dire “io ho poca fiducia in me stesso”

Non fare l'errore di dire che hai poca fiducia in te, che il tuo problema è l'autostima, quando stai affermando delle idee diverse da quelle degli altri. Quella che senti è insicurezza. L'insicurezza è una cosa completamente diversa. Non puoi sentirti sicuro se quello che stai provando a dire, ad affermare, o a fare, è diverso dal solito o da quello che dicono, pensano o fanno tutti gli altri. Per forza, ti devi sentire insicuro. Ma ti prego: fallo. Metti in discussione [...]

On leadership savvy

Hints from the WBECS 2017 pre-summit meetings: Carol Kauffman. On June 13th Carol Kauffman has talked about Leadership savvy. What do you need to know to be the best Leader? Her speech has been solid and full of contents. About change, models of leadership, a few advices for coaches to deal with their clients (leaders fronting change) and for everyone, because, as she sais, it all comes down to us. V.U.C.A is the way she summarized the changes taking place around the world: [...]

The gap between your intention and the way people experience it

Hints from the WBECS 2017 pre-summit meetings: Liz Weiseman. Liz Weiseman (on June, 12th) and Carol Kauffman (on June, 13th) have dealt with leadership from a two different perspectives. In both cases, the role of a coach can be seen either as the figure helping the leader improving his skills and performances or, a leader him/herself. We know how Positive Leadership and Coaching (must) have many traits in common. We also know that the soft skills and personality traits of a [...]

The Engagement as a superpower of the highest paid

Hints from the WBECS 2017 pre-summit meetings: Mark C. Thompson. Mark C. Thompson, in his pre-summit meeting of last thursday, has given a few hints about the superpowers of the highest paid in the profession of the Coach. What the highest paid coaches do and are in order to be so? I must say, this may applies to other professions too. All those where a supporting relationship is built in order to reach a meaningful goal (psychologists, counselors, medical doctors, teachers, etc.). He [...]

Working with the body is a shortcut

Hints from the WBECS 2017 pre-summit meetings: Wendy Palmer. On June 5th I had the pleasure to see Wendy Palmer in her short but powerful talk about Leadership Embodiment. What she offers is practices and tools to increase the Body Intelligence. Starting from the body is a shortcut to get to the mind, to get to change bad habits and behaviours. Changing our mind with our mind can take really extremely long time. How many times we told ourselves "it is [...]